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All About us


Message Muffins is a growing business offering an online edible greeting service to customers worldwide, delivering within the UK. The company, which is based in Woodsford (Dorchester), was established in 2007 by Maria Baker a farmers wife and mum of four children.

After eighteen months in planning, with an idea to send a gift boxed muffin in the post, courses with business link, support and encouragement from friends & family, 'Message Muffins' was launched in July 2007.


Our aim was to supply the general public and corporate companies with a range of edible gifts and operate from on-site facilities. I was keen to ensure that an easy to use online ordering service was in place to ensure customers good quality personalised gifts. Offering excellent customer service at all times.


As a young and vibrant company we have managed to build up an enviable reputation due to the delicious products we sell as well as the quick and safe manner in which we send them to you. We made sure all of our packaging and products had been thoroughly researched to ensure that your gifts arrive in perfect condition, as delicious as they ever were!


After the success of the launch, a year later in June 2008 we introduced 'Message Cookies' & 'Sweet Messages' which were added to the website, followed then by 'Cookiegrams' in June 2010 and 'Chocograms' in March 2011.

Our latest gift idea has been introducing the 'Message In A Bottle' in the summer  of 2012! And we have quite a few edible gift Ideas to bring in the future as we continue to grow! 


Our most exciting development this year has to be the launch of of our new website in the Spring of 2013, our aim was make the whole online shopping experience with 'Message Muffins' better than ever before! 


So, we hope that you will agree, we have the perfect solution for a variety of edible gifts for you to send, to family members, loved ones, friends and even sharing in the workplace, there is only one place for you to go -  right here at Message Muffins!


Happy Shopping!


Maria and The Message Muffins Team